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Chapter History
In late 1995 ten men set out on a journey that would forever change the lives of many Houston Baptist University Students. It was at this time that plans started being made for the founding of a Brothers Under Christ chapter at HBU.

The initial steps taken by these men began a year and a half period of meeting with BYX national staff, including Alpha Chapter Founding Father Wendell Weaver, as well as area chapters.

“We don’t need a ‘Christian’ fraternity, we’re a Christian institution” was the initial response of the University’s administration.

The battle with the university, led by Justin Pankow, lasted quite some time before the university agreed to allow Beta Upsilon Chi provisionally install its Epsilon Chapter at Houston Baptist University in the Spring of 1997.

Founding Fathers
Brandon Mathews
John Mathews
Luke Dahn 
Jonathan Choi
Matt Horne
Adam Campbell
Danny Kennedy
Justin Pankow
Gordon Leung
Josh Ellis

The founding officers of the Epsilon Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi are: 
President – Gordon Leung
Vice-President – Justin Pankow
Secretary/Treasurer – Josh Ellis

In 2006, under the leadership of President Christopher Brannen, the Epsilon Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi applied to become an officially chartered chapter of Brothers Under Christ. The application to be chartered was approved by BYX nationals, and was accepted by President Adam Richardson at the 2007 BYX National Summit where every chapter of BYX gathers for a weekend of brotherly fellowship.